• October 8, 2016

    Los Angeles, CA










  • About the College Summit

    Nnamdi Asomugha and Allyson Felix are once again partnering to hold the third annual ACTS College Summit, to bring information and resources about college to high school juniors and seniors in the LA area.

    Participants in the College Summit will have the opportunity to engage in various sessions on topics such as college admissions and applications, financial aid, scholarships, and others. The Summit will also feature a college fair with representatives from local and national colleges and universities.


    This year, we are excited to feature Christopher Gray, creator of the scholarship search tool Scholly. Christopher Gray, who featured his product on Shark Tank, won $1.3 million in scholarships to pay for college, then created a scholarship search tool for others to learn about and maximize the same resources he used. Christopher will deliver a keynote address and hold a breakout session to teach attendees the same strategies he used to pay for college.


    Due to space constraints, this event is open to high school juniors and seniors only. Pre-registration is required.



    The Details.


    2016 ACTS College Summit

    Featuring sessions on college admissions and preparedness, and a college fair featuring local and national colleges and universities


    October 8, 2016

    11:00 AM

    Check-in begins at 10:00


    The Foundation Center

    11633 S. Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90047


    Open to high school juniors & seniors

    What else.

    Lunch will be provided

    Registration is free (and is also required)

  • Sessions

    Below are descriptions of the sessions that will be held at the College Summit. Enrolled students will have the option of attending three of the six sessions. Please review the session descriptions, and identify in your registration form the three sessions you'd like to attend.

    Making your college applications & essays stand out from the rest

    Tips for success from an insider

    Learn about how to make your college application and essay stand out, from someone who has reviewed the applications of over 8,000 high school seniors, read approximately 20,000 college essays, and has served on the admissions teams of some of the nation’s most prestigious universities. This session will teach you about the dos and don’ts of essay writing and will provide insight on how applications are evaluated by universities, what an application to a highly selective school looks like, and what makes an application stand out from the competition.

    A Minority Student's Guide to College

    An open conversation about adjusting to and thriving in college as a person of color

    Adjusting to college is not easy. Adjusting to college as a minority student whose race, class, or religion sets you apart on campus can be even more overwhelming. This session will help you understand how to acclimate to and succeed in college. It will cover resources available to you, strategies to maintain good physical and mental health, and tips to thrive academically. Whether you are the first in your family to attend college or you come from a long line of scholars, this session will help you understand the challenges you may face and strategies to overcome them.

    Everything you need to know about financial aid

    Understanding financial aid and making the most of it

    It’s time to find out what “FAFSA” means! This session, led by a Certified Financial Planner and College Planning Specialist, will detail the college financing process from completing the FAFSA to budgeting while in college. The session will cover important topics, such as how to reduce college costs, what factors affect FAFSA eligibility, what kinds of financial aid are available, and the realities of college budgeting and debt. The speaker will also discuss different financing options, including scholarships, need and merit-based aid, and work study.

    A guide to the new UC Application

    An overview of the new application, and strategies to tackle the essay prompts

    This year, the UC college application changed. The new application has replaced the previous essay prompts with personal insight questions that aim to understand the applicant on a deeper level. This session will guide you through the new personal insight questions, help you understand what the readers are looking for in your responses (and in your application as a whole), and provide examples of great responses to the new personal insight questions.

    Navigating the world of scholarships

    Tips from a Shark Tank entrepreneur

    Understanding scholarships can be difficult--but with the right tools, you could save thousands of dollars or more on your college education! This session, led by Christopher Gray, Shark Tank entrepreneur and founder of scholarship search tool Scholly, will help you understand the various kinds of scholarships out there, including merit scholarships such as academic, athletic and artistic, need-based scholarships, and others. It will also introduce you to tools and resources to help you navigate the world of scholarships, and to access and apply to ones you may be uniquely eligible for.

    Ask anything!

    A session with Nnamdi & Allyson who will answer questions about college, their experiences, and their advice for you

    Never underestimate the power of advice from people who were once in your shoes! In this session, Nnamdi Asomugha and Allyson Felix will answer your questions about education and college in general, as well as their personal reflections with respect to their transition to college, the college experience, balancing college and their other responsibilities, following one’s passion, and the paths they took to get where they are. This session will consist entirely of Q & A between the speakers and the audience.

  • Schedule

    October 8, 2016

    Please review carefully

    Registrants have the option of selecting three of the six simultaneous breakout sessions listed in the schedule. Please review the session descriptions above, and note in your registration form which three you'd like to attend.

  • Register

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